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$49per month

  • $129 Enrollment Fee
  • Requires 1-year Contract
  • Includes Access to Both Locations


$79per month

  • $169 Enrollment Fee
  • Requires 1-year Contract
  • Includes Access to Both Locations


$99per month

  • $189 Enrollment Fee
  • Requires 1-year Contract
  • Includes Access to Both Locations

Our Features

Cardiovascular & Strength

Hundreds of pieces of state-of-the-art strength and cardiovascular equipment, available 24 hours a day, will support the latest in functional movement training as well as the needs of everyone – whether you are a beginning exerciser or a seasoned veteran.

Sports Performance Center

Beacon’s Sports Performance Center will get you fit for the game of life. If you have the drive and passion, we will help you gain the speed, agility and strength that will ultimately set you apart. Be prepared to shock yourself with your ability to improve your health, your vitality and your physique, allowing you to function at your highest level. Learn more.

Indoor Track

An elevated indoor track approximately 1/10 of a mile in length will encircle the fitness floor and will be available 24 hours a day.

Personal Trainers

Our Personal Training program is designed for you to gain the knowledge, motivation and confidence you need to achieve your fitness goals whether in the gym or pool. All of our personal trainers are friendly and professionally certified. Male and female trainers are available with a variety of specialties and backgrounds that include senior and adult populations, special needs, reconditioned adults, master swimmers, triathletes, power lifters and bodybuilders.

Wellness Coaching

Discover your path to wellness with the help of a wellness coach. You will learn strategies for living a healthy and happy life through the creation of your own wellness vision. A wellness coach will also be there to help you learn to develop a goal-setting process in such areas as fitness and stress management. You possess the solutions and resources to overcome your life’s challenges; your wellness coach is your guide through this process.

Health Assessment

Understanding where you are today is the first step in shaping where you’ll be tomorrow.  Working with a college-degreed, certified Fitness Specialist, you’ll develop your personal road map to get to your vision of tomorrow. We’ll assess your current level of fitness, discuss what’s most important to you and work together to make your vision your reality.

Metabolic Rate Testing

Learn how to eat to your own unique metabolism. Your exercise levels and lifestyle affect your caloric needs — and so does your resting metabolic rate (RMR). Your RMR is the number of calories your body burns throughout the day, even if you just sat in a chair all day long. By scientifically measuring this function, together with lifestyle and exercise information, you learn exactly how many calories you should eat to maintain your current weight or lose weight at a safe and reasonable level.

Group Exercise Classes

We know two things about group exercise classes — they’re fun, and they work!  Whether it’s indoor cycling, yoga, high-intensity training, an aquatics class, TRX or the latest new trend, as a member you can enjoy any of the 48 classes per week as part of your membership.


Aquatics classes and lap swimming will be available in the four lane, 25-yard lap pool, along with a warm water therapy pool for physical therapy patients. Both pools will have ramp access to allow you to enter the water by walking in or through the use of a wheelchair, as needed. In addition, a co-ed whirlpool will be located on the pool deck.


Pilates is a “Mind-Body” system that improves flexibility, posture, speed, stamina and overall strength through methodical, controlled movements and coordinated breathing. Pilates can also be used to assist those recovering from back, knee, hip, shoulder and stress injuries. Pilates works to correct weaknesses and imbalances to prevent re-injury and to restore the body to a balanced state.


Enjoy this relaxing and reinvigorating activity that enhances the function of joints and muscles, improves circulation, improves general body tone and relieves mental and physical fatigue. Our therapists are experienced in several types of massage, including: Relaxation Massage, Sports Massage, Corporate Chair Massage, Facial, Hand and Foot Massage and much more.

Babysitting Services

When you have young children, it’s hard enough finding time for yourself. Finding babysitting shouldn’t keep you out of the gym. Babysitting services during morning and evening hours will be available to both members and patients using the sports medicine or physical therapy services.

Locker Room Amenities

You need to be able to get in, get your workout in and go. Everything you need to get ready and get out the door to tackle the day, including showers, hair dryers, razors, etc., will be at your fingertips. In addition to day-use lockers, a limited number of monthly rental lockers will also be available.

Handicap Accessible

From the aquatics facilities to the indoor track, our facility is fully handicap accessible. Both pools will have ramp access to allow individuals to enter the water by walking in or through the use of a wheelchair, as needed.

Cholesterol Checks

Full lipid panel cholesterol screenings, including glucose, will be available to members.

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The cardio/strength area at Mishawaka is open 24/7

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